• Preventing Home Invasions

  • Preventing Kick-Ins and Home Invasions Home invasion related injuries and fatalities happen in Tampa Bay every day. Often while people you love are home.The most recent fatality occurred on October 2, 2014 during a Tampa home invasion. According to Tampa police, several suspects forced their way in and demanded money. Home invasion should not be easy and that’s where Bob and West Florida Locks can help. Home invasions are more common in some areas than others, even in the “nicer neighborhoods.” According to the FBI: 135 home invasions occur daily 10% of injuries are serious; 3% are rapes The average burglary results in $1,600 loss Homes without a security system are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience burglary Home security begins outside of the home. As the home owner, a main goal is to make the home difficult to enter. Having the proper hardware to prevent kick-ins is key to protecting your home and family. The quickest and easiest way for a burglar to enter the home is to kick in the door (usually with a mule kick). In 80% of cases, it’s the door frame that fails, not the door lock(s). Most door frames are just two 2″ x 4″ pine studs nailed together and covered with thin wood trim, and are “secured” with screws less than 1” long. Replacing the 1” screws with 2.5” screws may be a simple fix, but having the proper hardware installed is the best way and would provide peace of mind. West Florida Locks has easy access to all Armor Concepts products, including the Jamb Enforcer and EZ Armor. Armor Concepts’ EZ Armor has been featured on TV as being one of the most effective door security solutions on the market. In addition to the proper hardware to prevent kick-ins, it’s also important to have quality “pick proof” door knobs and deadbolts. West Florida Locks can reinforce all of the weak areas of your doorway, and make sure that your door remains closed to burglars. West Florida Locks and Security is professionally trained to tackle everything regarding lock and security projects. We are a Tampa locksmith company who prides itself on honest, reliable, ethical, and personal service. Owner Bob Bruner is a licensed, professional locksmith – License HCLOC14022. Contact West Florida Locks and Security at 813-541-7688, or visit www.westfloridalocks.com.

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