• 5 Steps used by Locksmiths to Rekey Locks

    When it comes to the field of locksmith, the methods used by locksmiths are not easy to follow by normal people. Most people who try to rekey their locks themselves usually get stuck in between the process because they might not have the correct tools or the proper expertise. Rekeying locks Tampa is very important in the field of locksmiths as it has shown gradual growth over the time. Most people do not know what steps locksmiths use in order to rekey locks. Moving on, let us talk about 5 steps used by locksmiths to rekey locks. 1. Removing the Knob: Professional locksmiths have a professional rekeying kit which helps them to rekey a lock effectively and rather quickly. First, they use a wire tool which is inside the kit and insert it into the hole which is in the knob. They then depress the knob clip to make it lose and easy to remove. Finally, the locksmiths make sure that they pull the knob off the door gently without damaging the key hole or the door. 2. Removing the Retainer Ring: The locksmith have a retainer ring tool which comes with their professional rekeying kit. They use this tool to pull of the retainer ring off the knob. The retainer tool is fixed inside the retainer ring and as the retainer tools is pushed, the retainer ring pops off the knob. They usually set the retainer ring aside if it is in a good condition to use it again. 3. Removing Cylinder Plug: Then, the locksmiths insert the old key and turn it on either sides. The plug is removed by pushing the plug follower through the cylinder. The plug follower is another tool which is present in the rekeying kit. This is a very complex operation as locksmiths need to keep constant pressure between the plug and the follower so the springs and the pins do not pop out. 4. Replacing Pins: The last thing to do is take out the old pins and insert the new key. Then, with the help of special tweezers, included in the rekeying kit, the locksmiths match the color of the pins and arrange them accordingly to their colors. 5. Putting the Knob back: Lastly, all the parts are put together, including the retainer ring and the knob is properly fixed back in the door. This is also a very crucial task as if the door knob is not fixed at the right position, the tools inside the knob might be affected after some while, forcing you to change the knob. Conclusion: The bottom line is that locksmiths such as a Tampa locksmith can help you in removing your lock problems in an effective way. A DIY technique to rekey a lock might not be as effective as the techniques used by a locksmith Tampa because you might not have the proper tools. Hence, when it comes to rekeying locks Tampa, a Tampa locksmith is worth considering.

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