• Tampa Locksmith Facts

    1. A few Locksmith in Tampa do intelligence for the cops. we create keys for them and get them into places at three a.m. so that they will created police investigation instrumentation or put the bugs in place. It’s a part of the fun of doing what we do.
    2. Contractors stink at putting in dead bolts. i can not tell you how many times i go out to rekey one or let somebody in, and i notice issues. If it isn’t put in right, it will not protect you.
    3. When you get a brand new house, invariably have your locks rekeyed. Otherwise there is most likely a master out there which will simply unlock the doors to get in your house..
    4. Keys stamped “Do not Copy” are duplicated all the time. Ask Bob at West Florida Locks regarding high-security locks with keys that can’t be replicated at the hardware store.
    5. Have a housekeeper who requires a key to locked areas in your house? Visit LocksmithTampaFlorida.com and send me a message or call about how to rekey your door in order that your master key works on both the dead bolt and also the door handle, however hers works simply on the knob. On the day she comes, lock solely the knob.

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