• Tips for Preventing a Home Burglary

    The Future for LocksmithsNear Field Communications (NFC) technology is being added to a growing number of mobile handsets to enable access control as well as many other applications, more and more organizations are considering joining the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend and having their [...]

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    Rekeying vs. Replacing

    Rekeying vs. ReplacingIf a new hole is needed, lock sets come with a template that folds over the door’s edge and locates the hole’s center. But hole saws are not the most common household tool, and even if you own one, it can be difficult to line up the saw to go through the door without the [...]

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    Tips for Preventing a Home Burglary

    Tips for Preventing a Home BurglaryThere’s no getting around it, home burglaries happen. They are more common in some areas than others, but they can happen anywhere and it’s best to be prepared than be sorry. According to the FBI only 15% of property stolen is returned by the police, and only [...]

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