• Auburndale Authorities presume 2 “senior pranksters” packed commercial strength glue into 23 locks, triggering countless dollars worth of damage.

    ” All I have actually heard is that individuals believe it is foolish,” stated one trainee.

    Authorities state the pranksters might deal with a felony charge, if monitoring video they launched brings a strong lead.

    Vandals put glue in locks outside Auburndale High
    ” It is a very first degree misdemeanor due to the fact that of the quantity of criminal mischief. It is a felony for the break-in,” stated Assistant Police Chief Andy Ray. “It’s a huge offer.”

    On Saturday night, security electronic cameras caught exactly what seems 2 males, one using a baseball cap, the other a face and a hoodie covering, going from door to door on school, smearing commercial strength glue into 23 various locks, which then solidified.

    An instructor discovered it Sunday early morning, and staffers needed to rush to obtain the structure open Monday.

    ” They had the ability to in some way dig it from one lock to obtain them into the structure so they might get kids in there Monday early morning,” stated Ray.

    A locksmith professional was hired, who charged $100 each to change the locks.

    The costs to taxpayers does not agree with a senior who utilized to be in trainee federal government.

    ” That’s things that does not go to the financing for our school and all the activities we do at Auburndale,” stated trainee Alex Cox. “It’s absolutely immature.”

    Authorities are positive that when the imagines go out, somebody will acknowledge the vandals and desire the monetary benefit for making a suggestion to CrimeStoppers.

    A couple of weeks earlier, trainees from another school sprayed fire extinguishers and vandalized vehicles at Auburndale.

    They were detained after monitoring video, from the exact same video cameras, went out.

    ” Pick a senior trick that is not going to put the taxpayers out, not going to trigger damage,” stated Ray.” [, if] you wish to toilet tissue something, that’s excellent, that can be tidied up.”

    Authorities stated the benefit was going to be at least a couple of hundred dollars.

    Classes have actually continued as regular.